Flying Chairs


installation & audio performance by
Ksenia Peretrukhina - Anastasia Trizna - Toni Randell


The State Of Things

Imagine a long dining table surrounded by chairs. Table is served and it feels like the tea party has already begun - we see cups, saucers, spoons, a sugar bowl, an electric kettle. Next to the sugar bowl is a small pyramid made of cubes of refined sugar, that looks as if it had been built by a child. Things are also on the chairs. These are items of clothing and household: a woman's dress, old sneakers, a T-shirt, a single sock, a flower in a pot, a stack of books, a samovar. Some chairs are not occupied by objects - spectators can sit on them.


We hear an audio-performance - the objects talk, like in Christian Andersen's fairy tales, telling their stories. A catastrophe has happened and the world has changed. People had to leave their homes and so did the objects and things. They all became refugees. Some were stuffed into a suitcase in a hurry, some were forgotten. The lonely sock complains - how can you live when half of you is far away in your home country and the other half is here in Europe? Torn sneakers are on the contrary happy - they’ve always dreamed of becoming Europeans and now they’re finally here. It’s only a pity that the youth is over ... Sugar is planning a revenge: “Sure, here nobody needs me and I’m considered harmful, but in my home country people are fighting over me…“ Not everyone changed their place of residence voluntarily - the Ukrainian teapot was taken to Russia by force by marauders and now it doesn’t want to work anymore. Things, like people, have different stands: some believe that their duty is to serve no matter what, others protest, some are completely discouraged ... Through the history of objects we are trying to describe the today's reality. Until recently people were talking and the objects were silent but now they’ve changed places. People have lost the ability to speak due to the horror and so objects had to start talking for them.

Duration is about 45 min

Performance is available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian or Ukrainian languages, as well as in the multilingual form.


Premiere on 24.2.2023, pre-premiere on 23.2.

Shows in Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

Fri 24.2. 17 (multilingual), 18.00 (English), 19.00 (Finnish), 20.00 (Swedish)

Sat 25.2. 17 (Russian), 18.00 (Ukrainian), 19.00 (Finnish), 20.00 (English)

Sun 26.2. 17 (Swedish), 18.00 (Finnish), 19.00 (English), 20.00 (multilingual)


The work stays in the space till the end of New Theatre Helsinki Pop Up and can be experienced as an installation on an exhibition: spectators can listen to fragments and get acquainted with the concept of the project provided as a separate description. 

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