2003 - 2008 Saint Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts

Qualification: music and drama theatre actress. 


2018 - till present 
Stage and Screen Combat

at Dramatic Combat Finland and Nordic Stage Fight Society
Certified in Unarmed, Broadsword, Rapier, Sword & Shield,

also trained in TMA, Gun Handling, Knife, Rapier & Dagger, Cloak & Sword
1991 - 2002 Saint Petersburg Children's Music School №11

Piano, flute, music theory and history, orchestra, choir
1991 - 1997 State Hermitage Museum's Art Studio, Saint Petersburg  


2018-2020 Dividual, lead role and Director. Pori Dance Company. Sight-specific performance.
2014-2020 Countess Amalie’s Drama Tour
, solo-performance. Alexander Theatre.

2017-2019 Highway Stars, lead role Kitty K. Touring production for children.

2018-2019 Kirje äidiltä, lead role Ksenia.  HIT Helsinki theatre.
2016-2018 John The Baptist, lead role Salome. Touring production.
2016-2017 Pathless Wood, lead role.  Pori Dance Company, Ground Zero Project (South Korea).
2016-2017 Karavaani. Supporting role. Finnish National Theatre.

2015 Observations of the Earth. Lead role and Director. Pori Dance Company.
2014 Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, lead role Loviisa. Pori Theatre.
2013 Westside Story, supporting role Velma. St. Petersburg State Musical Theatre Zazerkalie
2004 – 2008 Full-time actress at St. Petersburg State Musical Theatre Zazerkalie



2020 Talk to Me, Dance With Me, Let Me Be, shor-film. Lead role: Flora.

Directed by Saara Hasan, Academy of Moving People & Images.
2018-2019 Ivalo (Arctic Circle) TV-series. Supporting role: Evgenia Belova.

Directed by Hannu Salonen. Yellow Films & TV Oy 

2018 Sorjonen (Border Town), Season 2, TV-series. Supporting role: Sofia Harkola.
Created by Miikko Oikkonen. Directed by Jyri Kähönen & Juuso Syrjä. Fisher King Production 

2018 Jackpot, short film. Lead role.

Directed by Kim Saarinen. Modomo Films.
2017 Tapaaminen, short film. Lead role: Anna.

Directed by Pasi Räsänen
2017 Murskattu unelma, short film. Lead role: Elena
Directed by Joonas Berghäll, Oktober Oy Production Company 
2016 Sound from the Deep, short film. Lead role: Sofia
Directed by Joonas Allonen & Antti Laakso, Twisted Films Oy 


2010 - till present Guest Vocalist of various jazz bands of Finland

2012 - 2015 Soloist of Espoo Jazz Trio (Pekka Sarmanto, Valeri Nikitin, Pekka Sarras)


2019 - 2021 Board Member of Cultura Foundation, Finland

2019 Pedagogue and Director of ArtMix Youth Theatre Group, Lastenkulttuurikeskus Musikantit

2016 - 2018 Producer of Eve's Ribs Feminist project, dedicated to women's rights, gender based discrimination and violence
2014 - 2016 Coordinator of Finnish - Russian Dance Exchange Program at Dance Info Finland 
2010 - 2013 part-time Voice Actor at Radio Sputnik, Finland

2010 - 2013 Producer at Alexander theatre, Helsinki, Finland



Background and childhood

Actress and singer Anastasia Trizna was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1986 in a family of artists. She was born as a youngest of three daughters. Her parents Yuri Trizna and Svetlana Vedernikova - are well known visual artists and pedagogues in St.Petersburg. Since early childhood Anastasia was surrounded by art in its variable forms: visual arts, literature, music. When she was five she attended her first music lessons and music became a strong part of her life. In the music school Anastasia studied for almost 10 years playing piano, flute, learning music theory and history, playing in the orchestra and singing in the choir. At the same time she became a student of the State Hermitage museum's art studio, where she studied drawing for 6 years. As a part of the studies she participated in the annual children exhibitions at the Hermitage museum and took part in the performances on the stage of the Hermitage Theatre.  


In 2003 seventeen years old Anastasia was accepted to the State Theatre Academy of St. Petersburg. By the end of the first year of studies she was invited to take part in some of the performances of the State Musical Theatre Zazerkalie. Every year the amount of performances she took part in was growing and Anastasia had to combine her studies in the academy with the professional work in the theatre. In 2008 she successfully graduated from the academy with the degree of a music theatre's actress. In Zazerkalie theatre Anastasia worked actively for four and a half years. She took part in more than 20 drama, opera and musical performances for kids and adults. 


In 2009 Anastasia Trizna moved to Helsinki, Finland, where she works as a freelance actress and singer, as well as producer and director till the present day. Her work can be divided in three categories:

Music. Anastasia performs as a guest vocalist with different ensembles and musicians: Heikki Sarmanto, Pekka Sarmanto, Reiska Laine, Seppo Tyyni, Valeri Nikitin, the Mosabacka Big Band, Espoo Jazz Trio, Rajaton Jazz Quintet, Barbeque Jazz Band, Niki’s Four Jazzmen and others. From 2010 till 2017 she took part as a lead singer at the annual Evenings of Jazz Music & Dance in Pori produced by Liisa Nojonen. From 2012 till 2015 Anastasia was the soloist of the Espoo Jazz Trio established by Pekka Sarras, Valery Nikitin and Pekka Sarmanto, all prominent jazz musicians of Finland. In 2017-2018 she performed the role of Salome in a jazz-oratorio John the Baptist composed by Heikki Sarmanto. 

Theatre & Camera Work. As an actress Anastasia took part in productions at Alexander Theatre, Pori Theatre, National Theatre of Finland and together with many independent groups such as Pori Dance Company, HIT Helsinki, European Theatre Collective, Folk Extreme and others. Her ability to perform in Russian, Finnish and English languages, as well as her strong will to work in different genres and search for new ways of combining them, has provided her with steady, variable and most interesting work possibilities. Besides her work in theatre, Anastasia also works as a film actress. She took part in such TV-series as Border Town (Season 2) and Ivalo (also known as Arctic Circle), as well as in an award winning short movie Sound from the Deep (Ääni Syvyydestä)

Other work. Anastasia Trizna is also working a lot on developing cultural exchange between Finland and Russia. Since 2010 she has worked at Alexander theatre as a producer of international projects and has brought over 20 different performances from Russia to Finland. In 2014-2016 she has been working at Dance Info Finland as a coordinator of the Russian-Finnish Dance Exchange Programme, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Education of Finland in developed in collaboration with the Embassy of Finland in Moscow. From 2015 till 2018 Anastasia has been working with the Russian-Finnish social arts project Eve's Ribs, dedicated to gender based discrimination and violence towards women.