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Stage fight instructor
Stunt & fight performer


Dramatic Combat Finland

Nordic Stage Fight Society


Having training in both dramatic combat and stunt work, along with certifications in various disciplines and knowledge of special skills like horseback riding, mounted archery, and firearms training, Anastasia have accumulated a diverse and impressive set of talents.


Her love for the arts and physical performance is evident, showcasing Anastasia's dedication to honing her craft and pushing her boundaries. With a unique blend of skills that span both the stage and film, she brings a dynamic energy and versatility to the performing arts community. Anastasia has a vast training experience with Nordic Stage Fight Society, Dramatic Combat Finland, ​Arctic Action Norway and lately Paddy Crean Canada.

She's currently mentored by Oula Kitti, one of Finland's leading stunt coordinators, Nordic Stage Fight Society certified stage combat teacher and an Honorary Fight Director at the Fight Directors Canada. 

"I'm a hardworking and enthusiastic professional and I am always looking for new opportunities. I am passionate about what I do, I thoroughly research and prepare for my work and I am happy to incorporate feedback. I'm comfortable with improvisation and I like challenges. I have a good physical endurance and I'm determined to give my best to each production. I have over 20 years of experience in acting."

  • sword fighting

  • film fighting 

  • body burns

  • wire work (jerks and pulls)

  • repelling and pendulum jumping (from up to 15m height)

  • personal and group fire arms training (pistol & semiautomatic rifle)

  • mounted archery 

  • basics of trick riding

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Finland and abroad

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