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Anastasia Trizna

Intimacy coordinator

I’m a trained Intimacy Coordinator through a SAG-AFTRA recognised programme, with over 10 years acting experience in the film industry and over 20 in theatre. I’m committed to bring my knowledge and experience to navigate safer sets and help bring out exceptional performances during intimate content.

I'm based in Finland and available for local and international projects both.

Hands Together

About Intimacy Coordination

The role of an IC exists to protect and advocate for performers during scenes of nudity, simulated sex and other forms of intimacy, to facilitate clear communication and consent and to safely bring the creative visions of directors to life. 


Intimacy professionals for TV and film are experts on topics related to intimate material, including but not limited to sexuality, gender, relationships, and sex work. They are adept at telling the story of intimate moments on screen while keeping actors safe in the process. Intimacy professionals include intimacy coordinators, trans consultants, topic expert consultants, and choreographers.

Read more about Intimacy Professionals Association and Nordic Intimacy Coordinators


Training and Research

As a member of the first ever Nordic Intimacy Coordination Programme I have been educated in: 

  • gender studies and sexuality 

  • identity and privilege

  • trauma awareness and power dynamics

  • work ethics and legal systems in different countries

  • mental health and communication skills

  • set terminology and movie industry skills

  • introduced to anti-racist theory and many other topics 

I am curious in researching intimacy both from the perspective of the audience and professionals. I want to invest into making the industry a better place. I am keen to exploring how to help performers feel safe in an exposed and vulnerable state, how to tell stories that would touch the spectator and possibly make them open up to this vulnerability in a moment of emotional sincerity.

I have been instructed and mentored by Amanda Blumenthal (IPA), Malin B. Erikson (NIC), and Pia Rickman (NIC).

I have also participated in workshops with a Toronto based Intimacy Director Siobhan Richardson in 2019 and 2024.


Working with intimacy


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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