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Anastasia Trizna

Intimacy coordinator

I’m a certified Intimacy Coordinator through a SAG-AFTRA recognised programme, with over 10 years acting experience in the film industry and over 20 in theatre. I’m committed to bring my knowledge and experience to navigate safer sets and help bring out exceptional performances during intimate content.

I'm based in Finland and available for local and international projects both.

As a member of Nordic Intimacy Coordinators and Intimacy Professionals Association I am keen on providing tools for simulating intimacy and choreographing the scene together with the director and actors. I aim to provide the cast and crew with a space where challenging content can be made safely. 


Accredited Training Program

Hands Together

About Intimacy Coordination

Intimacy coordinators (ICs) play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of performers during intimate scenes in film and television. They advocate for clear communication and consent, and work closely with directors to bring creative visions to life while respecting actors' boundaries. ICs are experts in navigating sensitive topics related to intimacy, gender, and relationships, and manage the safety of these scenes through risk management, effective communication, and collaboration with the production team and other partners. Their expertise is essential in creating a secure and respectful work environment for all involved.

In October 2020 Finland became the first Nordic country to establish intimacy guidelines for work in the film & TV industries. Get acquainted with the Nordic Intimacy guidelines & resources:


ℹ   Guidelines for intimate scenes in Finland / Finnish Film Foundation

ℹ   Working with an Intimacy Coordinator in Finland

ℹ   Att jobba med intimitetskoordinatorer

Read more about Intimacy Professionals Association and Nordic Intimacy Coordinators


I am dedicated to researching and understanding the complexities of working with intimacy, aiming to elevate standards and create a safer, more respectful work environment. I seek to uncover ways to support performers in feeling safe during creative process and possible vulnerable moments, and to craft narratives that resonate with audiences on a deep emotional level, potentially fostering a connection that encourages openness, empathy, and inventiveness.

My goal is to contribute to a transformative experience that positively impacts both creators and viewers, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and empathetic industry landscape.

As a member of the first ever Nordic Intimacy Coordination Programme I have been educated in: 


  • gender studies and sexuality 

  • identity and privilege

  • trauma awareness and power dynamics

  • work ethics and legal systems in different countries

  • mental health and communication skills

  • set terminology and movie industry skills

  • introduced to anti-racist theory and many other topics 

I have been instructed and mentored by Amanda Blumenthal (IPA), Malin B. Erikson (NIC), and Pia Rickman (NIC).

I have also participated in workshops with a Toronto based Intimacy Director Siobhan Richardson in 2019 and 2024.


Working with intimacy


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Accredited Training Program

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