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Helsinki based Actor, Singer and Fight Performer

Anastasia Trizna is a professional multilingual actor and singer based in Helsinki, Finland.

Anastasia is a freelancer working in a diverse range of genres, including drama, musical, documentary and physical theatre, sight-specific performances, jazz concerts, social and cross-disciplinary projects. She took part in various productions at Alexander Theatre, Pori Theatre, National Theatre of Finland and with independent companies, such as Teatteri Metamorfoosi, European Theatre Collective, Klockriketeatern, Pori Dance Company, Ground Zero Project (South-Korea), HIT Helsinki, and Folk Extreme. 

Some of Anastasia's film acting work include roles in films and TV-series, such as feature film Stringer by Outline Studios, TV-series Sorjonen by Fisher King Produciton, Ivalo and Roba  by Yellow Films & TV, and numerous short films including an awarded short horror Sound from the Deep by Twisted Films Oy.

Anastasia is a member of Dramatic Combat Finland and Nordic Stage Fight Society. As a fight performer she is certified in Unarmed, Broadsword, Single Rapier, Rapier and Dagger and Sword & Shield. She has also received training in fire arms handling, Fighting for Film, Theatrical Marshal Arts, Cloak & Sword, Knife. 

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Fight Reel of Anastasia Trizna 2023