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A kettle and a toaster, a vintage table and a floor lamp, a jacket and a suitcase that've seen it all - they scattered around the theater, found some cozy corners and are looking around. They seem slightly embarrassed, they might be somewhat self-conscious but as you get closer - you’ll find them very willing to tell their stories.

With the help of objects and using a metaphorical language the installation tells about the war and how it has changed the world around us. It explores the changes that are taking place, particularly looking into lives of people who were forced to leave their homes. It also raises themes of global ecology and art, in particular theater, as a safe and supporting space.

Audio in Finnish, Swedish and English languages



Ksenia Peretrukhina — visual concept, script

Toni Randell — sound and lighting designer, technical implementation
Anastasia Trizna — director, producer

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5 washing machines:

Anastasia Redchuk Ukrainian

Minni Gråhn Swedish

Salla Kozma Finnish

Elli Niäriä Russian

Jess Jones-Gaustå American

At the table:

Carl Alm Coffeepot

Riikka Korhonen Teaspoon 1

Usva Kärnä Teaspoon 2

Maija Paunio Mug

Regina Launivuo Sugar

Katariina Lohiniva Sneakers

Yasmin Ahsanullah Dress

Eeva Putro Woolen hat

Arne Nylander Coat

Marko Keskitalo Sock

Sami Kojonen Bicycle

Kristo Salminen Suitcase

Texts translated by:

Sara Haapalahti,

Anna Sidorova,
Anastasia Trizna

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