Helsinki based Actor, Singer, Fight & Stunt Performer

Anastasia Trizna is a professional multilingual actor and singer based in Helsinki, Finland.

Anastasia is a freelancer working in a diverse range of genres, including drama, musical, documentary and physical theatre, sight-specific performances, jazz concerts, social and cross-disciplinary projects. She took part in various productions at Alexander Theatre, Pori Theatre, National Theatre of Finland and with independent companies, such as Pori Dance Company, Ground Zero Project (South-Korea), HIT Helsinki, European Theatre Collective and Folk Extreme. 

Besides her work in theatre, Anastasia also works as a film actress. Some of her latest film acting work include roles in  various short films and TV-series, e.g. Sorjonen (Bordertown) and Ivalo (Arctic Circle). 

Anastasia is a member of Dramatic Combat Finland and Nordic Stage Fight Society. As a fighter she is certified in Unarmed, Broadsword, Rapier and Sword & Shield. She has also received training in gun handling, Rapier & Dagger, Theatrical Marshal Arts, Cloak & Sword, Knife.

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As a voice actress Anastasia Trizna works mostly in Russian language.


She is a Russian voice of Finnish National Gallery Ateneum and Heureka museum. She has recorded audiobooks for children, worked as a guest voice-actress at Radio Sputnik and is yearly recording Russian language audio exams for Helsinki University. 

If you need a professional Russian speaking actress for your project, please be in touch! 

Anastasia at Bunny Studio Voice

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Бьянка - из анимации для музея "Эврика"Anastasia Trizna
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Реклама чайнойAnastasia Trizna
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Amalie - ENGLISHAnastasia Trizna
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